About Piggs Peak

This page will give you information about Piggs Peak (Hhohho). You will find the local time in Piggs Peak , weather , statistics on Piggs Peak and many other knowledge about the city.

Piggs Peak is a city of Swaziland in Hhohho. The population of Piggs Peak is around 5,750 inhabitants and his average elevation is 0 meters.

As for Swaziland, the Piggs Peak dialing phone code is 268, so if you want to make a call to this city you have to dial like this : 268 + the number you wish to call.Currency used in Piggs Peak is Lilangeni.

Piggs Peak local time

Piggs Peak Time zone : Africa/Mbabane
What time is it in Piggs Peak ?
Actually in Piggs Peak the hour is :

The Hour in Piggs Peak

Piggs Peak Weather

actual weather
Min/max : 0/0°C
Sunrise : 01h00
Sunset : 01h00
Daylight Hours: : 00h00
Weather :
Wind : km/h - Direction : °
Air humidity : %
Atmospheric pressure : hPa
Cloud cover : %

Nearest cities of Piggs Peak

Bulembu2,26011.7 km
Mbabane76,21840.7 km
Lobamba4,55755.9 km

Closest airports to Piggs Peak

Matsapha AirportManzini62.9 km

Map's of Piggs Peak, Hhohho

Photos around Piggs Peak

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Other names and translation for Piggs Peak

Alternate names for Piggs Peak : Piggs Peak

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