About Jeddah

This page will give you information about Jeddah (Makkah). You will find the local time in Jeddah , weather , statistics on Jeddah and many other knowledge about the city.

Jeddah is a city of Saudi Arabia in Makkah. The population of Jeddah is around 2,867,446 inhabitants and his average elevation is 0 meters.

As for Saudi Arabia, the Jeddah dialing phone code is 966, so if you want to make a call to this city you have to dial like this : 966 + the number you wish to call.Currency used in Jeddah is Rial.

Jeddah local time

Jeddah Time zone : Asia/Riyadh
What time is it in Jeddah ?
Actually in Jeddah the hour is :

The Hour in Jeddah

Jeddah Weather

actual weather
Min/max : 0/0°C
Sunrise : 01h00
Sunset : 01h00
Daylight Hours: : 00h00
Weather :
Wind : km/h - Direction : °
Air humidity : %
Atmospheric pressure : hPa
Cloud cover : %

Nearest cities of Jeddah

Al Jumūm22,20752.4 km
Mecca1,323,62466.3 km
Al Hadā6,885114.5 km
Ash Shafā72,190126.8 km
Ta’if530,848129.8 km
Rābigh41,759140.8 km
Turabah23,235255.1 km
Al Muwayh7,364282.3 km

Closest airports to Jeddah

King Abdulaziz International AirportJeddah15.9 km
King Faisal Naval BaseJeddah21.8 km
Taif Airport139.6 km
Al Baha Airport288.8 km
Yenbo Airport312.1 km
Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz AirportMedina339.2 km
Bisha Airport396.2 km
Abha Regional AirportAbha515.9 km
King Khaled Air Base522.3 km
Majeed Bin Abdulaziz AirportAl Ula560.3 km

Map's of Jeddah, Makkah

Photos around Jeddah

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Other names and translation for Jeddah

Alternate names for Jeddah : Chidda, Cidda, Ciddae, Cidde, Ciddä, Ciddə, Djedda, Djeddah, Djidda, Dschidda, Dzeda, Dzedda, Dzhida, Dzhidda, Dzhiddae, Dzhidde, Dzida, Dzidda, Dzsidda, Dzudda, Dżudda, Džeda, Džedda, Džida, Džidda, Gedda, Gidda, Gido, Gorad Dzhyda, Iedda, JED, Jaddah, Jedda, Jeddah, Jida, Jidda, Jiddah, Jidde, Jidá, Judah, Juddah, Tzenta, Yida, Yidda, Zhidda, ced dah, gdh, jada, jdh, jdt, jedda, jeddaha, ji da, jida, jidda, jitta, Ĝido, Τζέντα, Џеда, Горад Джыда, Джида, Джиддæ, Джидда, Джидде, Жидда, Ջիդդա, גדה, جدة, جده, جدہ, ޖިއްދާ, जेद्दाह, জেদ্দা, ਜੱਦਾ, ஜித்தா, ജിദ്ദ, เจดดะห์, ჯიდა, ジッダ, 吉达, 지다

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