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This page will give you information about Moscow (Moscow). You will find the local time in Moscow , weather , statistics on Moscow and many other knowledge about the city.

Moscow is a city of Russia in Moscow. The population of Moscow is around 10,381,222 inhabitants and his average elevation is 0 meters.

As for Russia, the Moscow dialing phone code is 7, so if you want to make a call to this city you have to dial like this : 7 + the number you wish to call.Currency used in Moscow is Ruble.

Moscow local time

Moscow Time zone : Europe/Moscow
What time is it in Moscow ?
Actually in Moscow the hour is :

The Hour in Moscow

Moscow Weather

actual weather
Min/max : 0/0°C
Sunrise : 01h00
Sunset : 01h00
Daylight Hours: : 00h00
Weather :
Wind : km/h - Direction : °
Air humidity : %
Atmospheric pressure : hPa
Cloud cover : %

Nearest cities of Moscow

Zamoskvorech’ye55,0002.4 km
Taganskiy116,0003.8 km
Mar’ina Roshcha66,0005.3 km
Lefortovo91,0005.5 km
Luzhniki30,0005.6 km
Novyye Cherëmushki101,0006.2 km
Vorob’yovo30,0006.5 km
Sokol’niki57,0006.6 km
Sokol57,0008.2 km
Ostankinskiy60,0008.6 km
Ramenki130,0009.3 km
Rostokino37,0009.6 km
Ryazanskiy101,0009.7 km
Davydkovo30,0009.7 km
Tekstil’shchiki100,0009.8 km
Matveyevskoye30,0009.9 km
Novyye Kuz’minki143,00010.2 km
Kotlovka64,00010.4 km
Kolomenskoye30,00010.4 km
Sviblovo60,00010.9 km

Closest airports to Moscow

Sheremetyevo International AirportMoscow27.6 km
Ostafyevo International AirportMoscow27.6 km
Vnukovo International AirportMoscow28.5 km
Chkalovskiy AirportMoscow31.2 km
Myachkovo AirportMoscow31.6 km
Ramenskoye AirportZhukovsky40.2 km
Domodedovo International AirportMoscow42.4 km
Kubinka Air BaseKubinka62.6 km
Yermolino AirportBalabanovo86.2 km
Tretyakovo AirportLukhovitsy129.9 km

Map's of Moscow, Moscow

Photos around Moscow

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Other names and translation for Moscow

Alternate names for Moscow : Gorad Maskva, MOW, Maeskuy, Maskav, Maskava, Maskva, Mat-xco-va, Matxcova, Matxcơva, Mosca, Moscfa, Moscha, Mosco, Moscou, Moscova, Moscovo, Moscow, Moscoƿ, Moscu, Moscua, Moscòu, Moscó, Moscù, Moscú, Mosk"va, Moska, Moskau, Mosko, Moskokh, Moskou, Moskov, Moskova, Moskow, Moskowa, Mosku, Moskuas, Moskva, Moskvo, Moskwa, Moszkva, Muskav, Musko, Mát-xcơ-va, Mòskwa, Məskəү, masko, maskw, mo si ke, moseukeuba, mosko, mosukuwa, mskw, mwskva, mwskw, mwsqbh, mx s ko, Μόσχα, Горад Масква, Мæскуы, Маскав, Москва, Москова, Москох, Москъва, Мускав, Муско, Мәскәү, Մոսկվա, מאָסקװע, מאסקווע, מוסקבה, ماسکو, مسکو, موسكو, موسكۋا, ܡܘܣܩܒܐ, मास्को, मॉस्को, মস্কো, மாஸ்கோ, มอสโก, མོ་སི་ཁོ།, მოსკოვი, ሞስኮ, モスクワ, 莫斯科, 모스크바

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