About Bucharest

This page will give you information about Bucharest (Bucureşti). You will find the local time in Bucharest , weather , statistics on Bucharest and many other knowledge about the city.

Bucharest is a city of Romania in Bucureşti. The population of Bucharest is around 1,877,155 inhabitants and his average elevation is 0 meters.

As for Romania, the Bucharest dialing phone code is 40, so if you want to make a call to this city you have to dial like this : 40 + the number you wish to call.Currency used in Bucharest is Leu.

Bucharest local time

Bucharest Time zone : Europe/Bucharest
What time is it in Bucharest ?
Actually in Bucharest the hour is :

The Hour in Bucharest

Bucharest Weather

actual weather
Min/max : 0/0°C
Sunrise : 01h00
Sunset : 01h00
Daylight Hours: : 00h00
Weather :
Wind : km/h - Direction : °
Air humidity : %
Atmospheric pressure : hPa
Cloud cover : %

Nearest cities of Bucharest


Closest airports to Bucharest

Băneasa International AirportBucharest7.9 km
Henri Coandă International AirportBucharest15.6 km
Boboc Air BaseBoboc111.2 km
Feteşti Air BaseFeteşti128.9 km
Ianca Air BaseIanca132.2 km
Craiova AirportCraiova176.9 km
Mihail Kogălniceanu International AirportConstanţa189.6 km
Tulcea AirportTulcea217.8 km
Sibiu International AirportSibiu218.5 km
Bacău AirportBacău240.9 km

Map's of Bucharest, Bucureşti

Photos around Bucharest

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Other names and translation for Bucharest

Alternate names for Bucharest : BUH, Boekarest, Boukouresti, Bucarest, Bucaresta, Bucareste, Bucarèst, Bucharest, Bucuresti, Bucureşti, București, Buekres, Bukarest, Bukarestas, Bukareste, Bukaresto, Bukareszt, Bukareŝto, Bukareštas, Bukharest, Bukureshh, Bukuresht, Bukureshta, Bukureshti, Bukurest, Bukurešt, Bukurešť, Buxarest, Búkarest, Bûkarest, Bükreş, bkharst, bu jia lei si te, bukaresuto, bukulesyuti, bwkharst, bwqrst, Βουκουρέστι, Букурешт, Букурещ, Бухарест, Բուխարեստ, בוקאַרעשט, בוקרשט, بخارست, بوخارست, بۇخارېست, པུ་ཁ་རེ་སིད, ბუქარესტი, ቡካረስት, ブカレスト, 布加勒斯特, 부쿠레슈티

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