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This page will give you information about Huangpi (Hubei). You will find the local time in Huangpi , weather , statistics on Huangpi and many other knowledge about the city.

Huangpi is a city of China in Hubei. The population of Huangpi is around 57,554 inhabitants and his average elevation is 0 meters.

As for China, the Huangpi dialing phone code is 86, so if you want to make a call to this city you have to dial like this : 86 + the number you wish to call.Currency used in Huangpi is Yuan Renminbi.

Huangpi local time

Huangpi Time zone : Asia/Shanghai
What time is it in Huangpi ?
Actually in Huangpi the hour is :

The Hour in Huangpi

Huangpi Weather

actual weather
Min/max : 0/0°C
Sunrise : 01h00
Sunset : 01h00
Daylight Hours: : 00h00
Weather :
Wind : km/h - Direction : °
Air humidity : %
Atmospheric pressure : hPa
Cloud cover : %

Nearest cities of Huangpi

Wuhan9,785,38835.2 km
Xinzhou78,76740.4 km
Xiaogan160,43743.8 km
Caidian71,89147.0 km
Yunmeng Chengguanzhen64,39061.7 km
Huangzhou122,56363.0 km
Hanchuan87,73764.0 km
Ezhou193,65269.4 km
Macheng126,36669.7 km
Anlu71,19878.6 km
Chengzhong265,88679.1 km
Guangshui154,77189.5 km
Huangshi688,09095.7 km
Qingquan76,15496.9 km
Daye61,847104.7 km
Xiantao239,406106.3 km
Xianning179,494112.5 km
Xinshi98,422119.4 km
Xihe90,422124.5 km
Caohe67,370124.7 km

Closest airports to Huangpi

Wuhan Tianhe International AirportWuhan19.7 km
Xiaogan Air Base45.3 km
Mahuiling Air Base208.1 km
Dangyang Air Base245.6 km
Fuyang Xiguan AirportFuyang256.7 km
Anqing AirportAnqing257.9 km
Nanchang Changbei International AirportNanchang268.6 km
Yichang AirportYichang279.7 km
Nanchang New AirfieldNanchang291.8 km
Hefei Luogang International AirportHefei295.0 km

Map's of Huangpi, Hubei

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Other names and translation for Huangpi

Alternate names for Huangpi : Huang-p'o, Huang-pei, Huang-pei-hsien, Huang-p’o, Huangpi, Huangpi Qu, Hwangpei, Hwangpei-hsien, huang bei, huang bei qu, 黄陂, 黄陂区

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